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Health Benefits
Hydrotherapeutic benefits

Water therapy is as old as mankind. In the past we would travel many miles to experience the healing properties of water, especially warm water. Classic examples are Hot Springs, Arkansas and Warm Springs, Georgia. Today you can have those benefits without travel, plus the added benefit of a safe dignified bathing experience in the convenience of your own home. Our tubs provide you with warm water and hydrotherapy. We custom build each tub to your specification. You can choose our air system with 18 jets, the whirlpool system with 6 jets or the full spa experience with both jetting systems. Each of these systems has a variable controlled system and comes with a five year warranty.

To get the maximum benefit from our Walk In Tubs we have to evaluate each customer individually and then suggest the best system for you. As we age our bodies deteriorate and the skin becomes thinner. The air system is much gentler than the whirlpool system. The majority of our customers order just the air system. Our recommendation is to order at least the air system to give you that healing massage sensation with our champagne like bubbles.

There are three factors involved in our tubs: heat, buoyancy and a wonderful massage. The hot water raises the body temperature and causes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing your circulation. The gentle champagne like bubbles from our heated air jet system also helps to improve your circulation; it also relives muscle tension and stiffness. The warm air bubbles release trigger points that helps promote motion range in your joints and it also releases pressure on nerve endings. You don't have to travel to Hot Springs or Warm Springs to experience the wonderful healing effects of warm water. Safety and independence never felt so good.

Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and Other Conditions

Over 70 million people in America suffer from Arthritis. It is a proven fact that spa therapies like we offer in our Walk In Tubs make living with Arthritis more bearable. Our Tubs provide the warmth needed to loosen joints, while the massage and buoyancy gives you flexibility allowing you to exercise your joints. The warm water and champagne like bubbles relax your muscles loosen the pressure in your joints and helps dilate your blood vessels making you feel rejuvenated. Any condition that involves a deteriorating range of motion will benefit from time spent in our Walk In Tubs. Joint problems and chronic back problems are helped with Walk In Tub hydrotherapy. Our tubs offer physical therapy, along with providing you a safe dignified bathing solution. Our goal is to give you all these benefits while giving you back part of your Independence, safety and comfort. Having a Walk In Tub may allow you to age in the house you love with style and grace also you get the added benefit of the wonderful spa experience described above.

Hydrotherapy proven to help the following:
Arthritis Muscle and nerve problems
Longer and deeper sleep Lower back pain
Diabetes Insomnia
Balance disorders Asthma
Varicose veins Congestion
Hemorrhoids Anxiety
Headaches Stress
High Blood Pressure Sciatica
Shingles Circulatory diseases
Colds Stomach problems
Joint problems Lumbago

Prevention of Falls' and Slips.

Each year more than 11 million senior citizens fall. The most dangerous place in your house is the bathroom: limited space, wet floors and barriers like stepping into your existing bathtub. Getting into the tub is hard enough but getting down and back up is sometimes impossible especially if you have bad knees. Falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths for the elderly. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA the following statics occur.

Every 18 seconds a senior citizen falls.

Every 35 minutes a senior citizen dies from injuries that occurred in a fall.

Over 90% of hip fractures in senior citizens are caused by falls.

One in three senior citizens over 65 fall each year in America.

Falls are due to hazardous conditions that could easily be fixed.

Don't be a victim in your own home. Alabama Walk In Tubs and Showers wants to help you live safely in the house you love. We want to give you the joy of independence, spa therapy and safety. Don't allow yourself to be a statistic kept by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, let us make your bathroom safe with a Walk In Tub and for a limited time with purchase of Walk In Tub get two free grab bars.

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